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The original idea for the Arran Rock and Blues Festival was first discussed in 2017 during a conversation in live music bar and restaurant the Pierhead Tavern, in Lamlash.

The inaugural Festival was held in 2018 at Brodick Hall with the intention that it would be an annual event and grow organically. The 2019 event on Lamlash Green did indeed see an increase in festival size, in both number of bands and (sold out) attendance (as well as the first use of marquees).

The 2020 event, set for Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th September and again on the Green in Lamlash, has been in planning since November 2019 with the goal of being bigger and better than last year’s event. All bands and their accommodation have been booked, infrastructure planned and a good number of tickets already sold.

The current situation

As you will be all too aware and directly or indirectly affected by, there is a very real and present danger in the Covid-19 pandemic. This is a genuine threat to the health of the global population and island life. The duration of this pandemic, and disruption to all of our lives, cannot be predicted at this stage by even the most knowledgeable of medical and scientific experts.

The ARNBF organisers wish all stakeholders (ticket-holders, sub-contractors, bands and crew, hotels and B&Bs, pubs and shops, residents, police and NHS, sponsors and other local associates and businesses) to be acutely aware that the safety of all concerned is of paramount importance. No risks will be taken with this threat to health.

In short, if the current restrictions were perpetuated for an extended period of time the festival would be untenable. However, the organisers are taking an optimistic view (while reviewing the situation on a weekly basis) with promotion of the event and organisational arrangements continuing. This is in the hope that, subject to medical and Governmental advice, restrictions will be relaxed over the coming months allowing the festival to proceed.

The ARNBF is dependent on the goodwill and support of both its volunteers and the musicians who will perform, but we cannot expect individuals to keep dates in their diary for an indefinite time. Therefore, the organisers will take a decision by mid-June 2020 at the latest as to whether the festival will be held in 2020. Please watch and check our Facebook page and website for updates.

Meantime please follow Governmental and medical guidance and stay safe.

The Arran Rock and Blues Festival 2020 Team
29th March 2020

Tickets for the 2020 Arran Rock 'N' Blues Fest are on sale now.

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